RECOGNIZED BY (NIOS) राष्ट्रीय मुक्त विद्यालयी शिक्षा संस्थान- मानव संसाधन विकास मंत्रालय
An Autonomous Institute Under Deptt. of School Education and Literacy, M.H.R.D, Govt. of India
आई. इस. ओ 9001:2008 प्रमाणित ISO 9001:2008 Certified
AFFILIATED TO :- RURAL HEALTH TRAINING CENTER- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India


IPSR group is committed to quality and aims to keep our students up to date not only with curriculum but also with general knowledge, literature, and current affairs. For the same, each institution under the group as maintained an up to date library adequately stocked and furnished with texts, references & journals, and magazines.

Library having a subscription of about 20 National Journals & Magazines, 10 International Journals & Magazines more than 5 thousands articles on different topics according to the guidelines of the All India Council of Technical Education and Gautam Buddha Technical University, with separate reading room.

The library is well furnished, computerized, ventilated and well illuminated. It can accommodate more than eighty students at a time with the additional Reading Room facility. It aims to facilitate production & dissemination of knowledge, information, insights & intellectual contribution in all areas of education among the academic and business community. Students have access to the latest magazines, international journals, newspapers and research papers. The library has a large number of books and has an annual membership of many Pharmaceutical and Management related journals. The library is open till late evening hours.

Knowledge of computer is always handy and keeps one a step ahead of others. We aim to make our students aware of the use of the latest technology and teach them how to use its different operations. To serve this purpose we have developed an updated computer lab. We motivate the students to exploit it to gain knowledge and technical expertise.

Over the past few years, I.P.S.R has built an excellent infrastructure for imparting the software skills to the students using the latest tools & technologies. Each student is provided with a branded Desktop of latest configuration. The state-of-art computer lab has 254 latest Pentium-IV based computers, with optical fiber connectivity. The computer center has MSDN, academic alliance with Microsoft for the latest product update. The internet facility is available round the clock using ISP connection of 2 MBPS fiber optics bandwidth 1/1 compression ratio. I.T.S-IM computer lab has installed the most advanced statistical software package i.e. SPSS-15.0 for Windows for facilitating research work by students and faculty members.

Technology is an increasingly factor in education. Incorporation of new pedagogic techniques creates a better learning environment and ensures better retention of subjects by students. The group has adopted latest techniques namely.

  • Cal- “computer-assisted learning”.
  • Audio-visual aids: it includes, overhead projectors.
  • LCD projectors.
  • Videos CDs relating different emergency procedures, extraordinary situations on board ship, and as such as required.
  • Audio CDs relating communications an as such as required.
  • Virtual learning environment includes.
  • Mock drills for the airline's safety medical emergency, emergency evacuation, and as such simulators as and when required.
  • Powerpoint and interactive whiteboard.
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT's)- internet/tv.
  • Print medium-most widely used medium.

Most of the professional subjects like medical lab technology, hotel management, and engineering need intensive practical exposure. To make the students well versed with practical aspects of their respective field each institute under the group has properly equipped state of the art laboratories for in-house practical training. Students are given several hours of practical training before sending them to industrial training.

Pharmaceutics Labs :

Have six station dissolution testing apparatus, rotary tablet compression machines, capsule filling machines, coating pans, stability testing chambers, lyophilizer, BOD, autoclaves, digital colony counters, laminar flow, shaker baths, ball mill, tube filling machines, volumetric bottle filling machine, friability apparatus, planetary mixer, sigma mixer, tray driers, emulsifier, single station tablet machine, Zone readers, IR balance, bulk density apparatus, colorimeter etc.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Labs :

They are furnished with Abbe’s refractometer, digital auto melting point apparatus, electronic balances, atomic model sets, hot plates, hot air oven, Kjeldal distillation units, vacuum pumps, polarimeter, deionizer, freeze drier, etc. They have a heating water bath, compound microscopes, optical microscope, muffle furnace, distillation units etc.

Pharmacology, Human Anatomy & Physiology Labs :

They have binocular microscope, sphygmomanometer, hemocytometer, stethoscope, dissecting microscope, Eddy's hot plate, rotarod apparatus, actophotometer, Sherrington drums, electroconvulsiometer, human skeleton – articulated & disarticulated, cook’s pole climbing apparatus, respirometer.

Research Labs :

They have UV Visible spectrophotometer, digital nepheloturbidity meter, microwave, viscometer, electronic balances, conductivity meter, flame photometer, micropipette, orbital incubator shaker bath, projection microscope .