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An Autonomous Institute Under Deptt. of School Education and Literacy, M.H.R.D, Govt. of India
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A student takes up a professional course in order to have a bright career in the respective field and a bright career means to get recruited in reputed organizations and to have fat salaries.

And to have both of it, students need a rigorous, industry oriented professional training. And that is what IPMT & IPSR provides. Though proper knowledge and skills is a must, it is not sufficient enough to fetch one the best deal in market. A fresh student generally needs professional guidance and assistance to get placed in reputed and well paying organization. And for the same, PEASSS has a body, placement cell. Placement cell is the body assigned with responsibility of providing placement to students. All the students who are passing out or have passed out are entitled to be placed by the cell.

The placement cell makes a detailed assessment of the students, determine the strengths and lacunas provide necessary specific training if needed, search the best available job in the market for the students and get them placed. Every singles student is taken up as individual case and thoroughly worked on. The cell ensures that the student is paid well and that his skills are utilized well. It also makes sure that recruiting organization is benefited by the services of the student. Placement cell is the body that facilitate the relation between the recruit and the recruiter, a long, healthy, mutually benefiting relation.

The following activities are taken up by placement cell.
(1) Tie up with leading organization :

Tie up means to get associated with. This is one of the primary jobs of the placement cell. IPSR & IPMT are associated with a number of leading organizations in different field. Students under different streams are sending to these organizations for their industrial training / internship.

Note: To know the names of the current associated organizations, kindly consult the placement cell.
(2) Assessment of Vacancies :

Every organization regularly need trained professionals in different field. Though the number and kind of required professional keeps on varying the cell. The Cell needs to be updated with the knowledge of the requirement of Professionals by different organization so that right candidate can be forwarded at right time for placement.

The placement cell does quantitative and qualitative analysis of vacancies / Requitement of professionals at frequent and regular intervals.

(3) Screening of candidate :

Screening of candidates means evaluation of students on the basis of Knowledge (theoretical & practical), communication skills and personality. Based on the evaluation, the students are awarded with grades. Every single student is screened individually before being sent for placement. If a candidate fails to get the desired grade, he/she is forwarded for special training.

(4) Special Training :

Technology is continuously evolving. So is the methods and techniques used in industry. The pace of change is fast and curriculum do not evolve with the same pace. The placement cell keeps track of newer techniques that are in use in industry and impart special training to students to make them technically competent. Also, those students who fail to get desired grade are given extra classes in those subjects in which there is any lacunae. Even if a single students has any difficulty in any subject, extra classes are provided. The cell makes sure that lagging students are given extra care and placed.

(5) Online Recruitment:

The resume of final year and passed out students are placed on recruitment portals on net, where corporate log in. This makes the students available to a 26 very large and wide range of employer, through out the country and globe. It also makes the process of recruitment smooth and swift.

(6) Personality Development:

Personality plays a very important role in placement. IPSR & IPMT has separate, dedicated personality development cells which single handedly focus in personality development of students.

Student Placements